Sailing Across Corinth Canal

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Sailing Across Corinth Canal

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The Corinth Canal is one of the largest construction projects in the history of Greece.

To avoid having ships sail around the Peloponnese, there have been many attempts to unite the two seas, since ancient times. The project of the opening of the canal of Corinth was pioneer in the 19th century, a construction dream – a challenge that lasted 2.300 years.

In July 1893 after 11 years of 2.500 workers working hard, this construction dream came true and finally this technical exploit became a reality. The Corinth Canal is about 6 kilometers long, and thousands of tourists, from all over the world, visit each year to admire this masterpiece project with the breathtaking view.

The sailing across the canal is a unique experience. The color of the water has many amazing shades of emerald and the rocks, with their sprouting bushes and pines, rise imposingly at 70 meters. The trip starts from the port of Isthmia, which is located near the exit of the canal in the Saronic Gulf, heads west towards Posidonia and returns. The trip takes about an hour.

Be a piece of this extraordinary construction project and admire the natural beauty of the Isthmus.